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Perfect Design

How It Works

1. Questionnaire

- Complete the online questionnaire on this page.

- Send us examples of the look and feel you want for your design.

How It Works

2. Concepts

- We'll complete three unique designs for you to choose from.

- Select the one you like the best and we'll make up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback.

How It Works

3. Get your logo

- Get your one-of-a-kind logo in just 7 days. We'll deliver a complete package of .jpg and .psd files for you to post to your Website or take to your printer.

- Select the one you like the best and we'll make up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback.

Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Your logo is your business face to the world. Make a lasting impression with a custom logo designed by our award-winning graphic. Our experts combine your vision with world-class design, guiding you through the entire process. Your Lite Webdesign logo will be:

- Original: A one-of-a-kind visual identity that expresses your business' unique value or style.
- Identifiable: Instantly recognizable and memorable to new and future customers.
- Engaging: Simple, yet powerful design elements, colors, and fonts combine to create your brand.